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About the team...

Eventing l'Equino was founded back in the magical year of 1996 when a motivated team of young eventing riders thought the time was exactly right to start organizing their very own eveting competition. 

Through the years team and the competition itself evolved massively to one of Belgium's most renowned eventing competitions. 

In 2005 we relocated our event to the private property of Baron Casier, which brought our competition to the next level. 

Our track record is quite impressive... 

Our resume contains numerous Belgian Championships for Juniors & Young Riders, the cross country leg for the European Pony Championships back in 2009 and we even founded the Belgian Championships for 6 & 7 year old horses. In 2021 we started hosting international series and this is our main focus nowadays. 

What makes us this unique?!

We genuinely care! It's become a friends and family business and we wouldn't want it any other way. 

We build and decorate the course ourselves with a creative team consisting or riders experienced on national & international levels. But hosting an event this size takes a village and would not be possible without the countless volunteers which come help us out time and time again. 

Gratitude is definitely in place!


A big shoutout to all land owners, to all volunteers, to our sponsors, to all riders, to all officials, to everyone involved in whatever possible way. You've all come this long way along with us and we hope you'll be around for many, many years to come! 

Come and experience the unique l'Equino vibe every first weekend of August - let the unique scenery and high-level sports sweep you off your feet!

Team l'Equino



Meet The Team

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